An online space created with the intention to help you know and embrace ALL of who you are.

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Welcome to a world where everyone has a “Shadow.” They aren’t bad, they’re our subconscious made manifest in the form of animal. This site and these courses/journeys are dedicated to providing practical every day tools to help us learn to work with them in a journey to love and embrace ALL of who we are… JUST as we are.

We invite you to join us in our free online platform called We Are Just Us

It all begins with the The Akasha Records Room.

Our Journey’s

Did you know that each “Akasha Record” was written with the intention to provide a way to tangibly and physically go through your own hero/heroine’s journey? The journey to know and embrace your own Shadow. Relaunching in 2023, you can find out what this is all about by joining our free Akasha Records Room on the free community platform Maria Vandenburg founded called We Are Just Us.

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Our Guide

Maria Vandenburg… you can learn more about me on my own personal website. I want to share with anyone new to me and my work, that I honestly don’t believe in myself as a “teacher.” I more so view it as I am here to help you to remember how awesome you are. If you would like to learn more about me, I have plugged in the link to the site where I have been recording my own journey for a few years now. I welcome you and I love you.

The Akasha Records: Crown Jewels Online Journey


4-week course

The Akasha Records: The Royal Heart Online Journey


7-week course